Friday, 9 August 2019

Google Flights 4 Features for Better Booking

Google flights Always been at the top when someone wants to book flight tickets. Its ability to find cheap fare among dates is highly praised among the fliers. However, what google flights are more than just Finding those low fares. There are multiple options in it; when you use them carefully, you get to know better about the cost details. So we thought of sharing those four features in Google flights. We are going to explain to them one by one, so you can understand them better.

What are those Four Features?

Now, you must be wondering what those four features are on Google flights search? They are Track Prices, Date Grid, price graph, and Nearby airports. We will explain to them, So you can understand why they are essential to you.

Track prices - this is the first feature. When you want to book the tickets for cheap flights. You start looking for them. However, you can certainly keep an eye on them every day. So, why don’t you let Google do it for you? When you enable it while searching for the trip. It begins to send you alerts regarding the fares everyday or when there is a change in the price. The only condition is you need a Gmail account for getting the alert.

Date Grid - So, the date Grid is similar to a calendar. However, in the date grid, you can see all the fares for various dates at once. You can change the departure and return, both at the same time. The average prices are in black, the cheap ticket is in Green color, and the higher prices are in red. The benefits of this feature are to compare all the fare with multiple dates at once.

Price Graph - This feature is used for determining what are going to be costs of flights between two dates. For example what will be fare for a seven-day trip or a ten-day trip.

Nearby Airports - 
If you are booking the flights to a city where multiple airports are situated. Then it will show them, so you can decide where the prices are cheaper.

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