Tuesday, 3 September 2019

How to Find the Best Hotels on Google flights?

There are many sites where you can find a hotel. You look for prices, amenities and other things. Yet, you do not see them on every website. However, there is a reason why GoogleFlights stand out among its peers. Its detailed info about a hotel, genuine reviews and easy way of booking the tickets makes it favorite among the users. So, this is why we are going to tell you about it. There are a few tricks you can use next time when you are looking to book a hotel.

We will cover it in three steps

1.     Finding the Hotels
2.     How to find the best deals
3.     Booking Process

Finding the Hotels -  This is our first step.  We Begin by Going to Google Flight site. There you are going to choose hotels on the left side.  There will be a new page opening.  On this new page, enter the name of the city, then select the dates. Then you need to choose the number of people.

How to find the best deals - let's say you are searching for a hotel in Los Angeles. First thing you can do is to use the map. Zoom in to choose a specific area, where you are going to stay. So, we can narrow our search.  When you have chosen it, Now Go to the option “More filters’. There is an option here called ‘Just deals”.  Choose it. Now You are going to see the hotels only with deals option because of GoogleFlights search. The other thing you can do it to enable track prices.  You will receive updates when the prices are low.

Booking process -  When you choose a hotel, it redirects you to a new page. It has everything you need to book a hotel: prices, Reviews, location, and photos.  There will be an option. Book for’. There you will see various bookings sites. Google Flights collects these prices from other sites to give you a glimpse of it. Click on the website link to complete the booking process. You can check out the reviews to see if this an ideal hotel for you.

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