Thursday, 24 October 2019

Score Cheap Flights Deals with Accidental Fares or System Errors

This might have happened to you that you are scrolling Facebook and you see your friend has shared a post about how he just got a round trip ticket to Europe in just less than 200$.

What? How? Where? Suddenly you start searching and check dates for availability but end up crushed as the deal was an accidental and the error has been patched up.

Mistakes or Errors happen and these are jackpots for bounty hunters who are always keen to find a deal like this. Though, if you are smart, you can use price alerts in Google Flights but that’s a topic for some other time.

Talking about system errors

Every year people around the world report these mistakes and avail the benefit of being there at the right time. Sometimes with a simple slip of finger or misreading and wrong entry Flight fares get cut down to 1/10 of the actual price. Last year Peter Shaw from Mississippi booked a flight which usually costs around 1500$ for just 150$ because of a technical glitch. This is just one of the examples, there are many people who have enjoyed the same kind of opportunity when booking Flights online.

Airlines honour the accidental fares and make it an unforgettable experience for the travellers by greeting them as “A lucky few”.

You might not be the lucky few but you can be the smart few who use Google Flights to Book Flights cheap and keep a track on the Price changes and forecast that helps them

Sign up for Daily Alerts

Get daily alerts about cheapest fares deals active in your mail directly and not wait for a friend to tell you about it.

Set up Price Alerts

Travelling in a specific month or to specific destination? Set up alerts for a price drop or changes and get a forecast on prices as well.

Book through Airlines website

Its always better to book through Airlines website than Travel Agents. Google Flights  Search is a Better the alternative to book Flights.

Use VPN or incognito window

Researchers have found that the Flight prices are affected by our searches and what websites we visit. So its best to use a VPN or incognito mode to search for flight fares.

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