Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Where Can You Go for a Christmas Holiday?

The month of December is a month of holidays.  There are many days for the holiday. But the most popular is Christmas day.  But where you should go to spend this holiday. Should you head to The United Kingdom or Australia. We have many places to suggest for you, But we have chosen a few of them for you. After reading it, you can begin searching for cheap flights on Google Flights. There are many great deals on it. Now, let's see those destinations.

London, United Kingdom

There are many reasons for choosing London. First, during Christmas, the entire city turns into a festival city than there are the Christmas markets. Where you can do much shopping for your family, the lights, the roads and the festive mood of the town will take you to another level. Your spirit will get better when you visit the newly opened Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in the Knightsbridge area. The snow will melt your heart when you see it on the road in the car. For Shopping there is no place better than Harvey Nichols and Harrods.  If you are interested in learning skating, then head to Hyde Park. Ohh, we mention it before, didn't we? Well, See you in London.

Washington, Connecticut

Now, from the United Kingdom, we will move to the united states of America.  In The USA, Washington is a fantastic place to celebrate Christmas.  This Litchfield country has many surprises for you. In case you do own any home here, to stay head to Mayflower Inn. It is a perfect place to stay put for a long holiday. You can go out, have many things to do, or you can spend them in your room. If it correctly your choice.  The best thing you can do is to explore the snow city on foot. Try Spas as well; you won't be disappointed. So, where we should go next. We are wondering too. One more thing, in case you want to stay at another place, you can look at them on Google Flights Search.  There will be many options for it.

Donegal, Ireland

Now from Washington, we will head to Donegal Ireland.  The places of seaside views and the rolling hills.  Why we Choose these places, well here you got to stay in a castle-like hotel. The Lough Eske Castle is a five-star hotel in the city.  The other thing that makes this place unique is the Bluestack Mountain. The town is decorated in the lights of Christmas, making the celebration more awesome. We are sure you will love it when you came to stay here.

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